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HS7  Sheltered Housing  Policy

Proposals for sheltered housing will be permitted subject to the proposal fulfilling all the following criteria:

(i) the proposal being of a scale which relates well to surrounding property;

(ii) adequate private amenity space being provided at a rate of approximately 10 square metres for every bed space, except where the proximity of open space or other features adjoining the site justifies a reduced provision;

(iii) the site being easily accessible on foot to local shops and public transport; and

(iv) the proposal otherwise complying with Policy HS4 and Policy HS5.

Reasoned justification :

6.44 Residential development designed for the elderly and for those who need specialist care ranges from modest sized houses and bungalows, often grouped together, to large flatted schemes, with or without a warden on-site.

6.45 Wirral has always been a popular area for retirement, and policies are necessary to ensure that residential development is well located for essential facilities such as shops and public transport. Equally important is the relationship of the new development to other existing housing. Within schemes it is especially important for adequate amenity space to be provided for residents who may become increasingly housebound.

6.46 A major issue arising from sheltered housing schemes is the amount of car parking required. Car ownership rates vary with the type of scheme, with owner-occupied schemes for the most mobile requiring more parking space than rented accommodation in the inner urban areas. Special consideration needs to be given to the provision of adequate off-street car parking for visitors and to safeguard access for emergency services.