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CH24  Development Affecting Scheduled Ancient Monuments  Policy

The following sites, shown on the Proposals Map, are Scheduled Ancient Monuments for the purposes of Section 1 of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979:

1. Grange Beacon, Column Road, West Kirby.
2. Birkenhead Priory, Tranmere.
3. Site of Pre-Norman and Medieval Church, Upton.
4. Storeton Hall, Bebington.
5. Irby Hall, Moated Site.
6. Bromborough Court House, Moated Site and Fish-Ponds.

Development proposals liable to destroy, damage or otherwise disturb features of archaeological interest in these areas or which would have a detrimental impact on their setting will be refused.

Reasoned justification :

11.71 Scheduled Ancient Monuments are designated by the Secretary of State by virtue of the historic, architectural, traditional, artistic or archaeological interest attaching to them. They are of national importance. Separate legal provisions exist to prevent works involving removal, alteration or damage to the Monument without written consent from the Secretary of State.

11.72 It is national policy that a Scheduled Ancient Monument and its immediate setting is preserved, wherever possible, in-situ and in good condition. This objective is, therefore, directly reflected within Policy CH24. Policy CH24 will also be held to apply to additional monuments of national importance which are discovered or formally scheduled during the UDP period