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GR2  Land Designated as Urban Greenspace  Proposal

The following sites, shown on the Proposals Map, are designated as Urban Greenspace. Development within them will only be permitted subject to Policy GR1:

1. Hamilton Square Gardens
2. Woodlands Community Park
3. Gallaghers Hill playground
4. Upper Bidston Village Park
5. Tollemache Recreation Ground
6. Gautby Road Recreation Ground
7. Ilchester Square play area
8. Compton Road open space
9. Lennox Lane open space
10. Land to the north of Boundary Road, Bidston
11. Land at Bidston Hall and Bidston Hill, north of Vyner Road North
12. Land at Bidston Hill, south of Vyner Road North
13. Bidston Community Woodland
14. Flaybrick Cemetery
15. Beechwood Drive open space
16. Fender Way open space
17. Holm Lane Recreation Ground and the Arno
18. Solly Recreation Ground
19. Shavington Avenue open space
20. Davenham Avenue open space
21. Audlem Avenue open space
22. Davenham Close open space
23. Farndon Way open space
24. The Grove, Fairview Road
25. Walker Park, Prenton
26. Prenton Hall Road playground
27. War Memorial, Osmaston Road
28. Meadow Crescent, Woodchurch
29. Melford Drive, open space
30. Birkenhead Park
31. Bidston Court Gardens and Vyner Road South open space
32. Wirral Ladies Golf Course
33. Bentham Close open space, Noctorum
34. Olivia Close open space, Noctorum
35. Sorrel Close open space, Noctorum
36. Land at Noctorum Way, Noctorum
37. Victoria Park
38. Cheviot Road Woodland
39. Mersey Park
40. Conway Playing Fields, Knowsley Road
41. Delta Road, Rock Park
42. Former Royal Rock Hotel, Rock Park
43. Grenville Road open space
44. Howson Street/ New Chester Road open space
45. Bedford Place open space
46. Rock Park Esplanade open space
47. Rock Park linear open space
48. The Oval Sports Centre playing fields, Higher Bebington Recreation Ground and Bebington Cemetery
49. Kings Lane Playing Fields and Dawson allotments
50. Land at Prospect Hill
51. Benty Hey Woodland
52. Mayer Park, Bebington
53. Brookhurst Park, The Chase
54. Marfords Park
55. Dibbins Hey Woodland
56. Wirral Gardens
57. Stanton Road open space
58. Bebington Town Hall frontage
59. Harding Avenue play area
60. Far Field Pond and Woodland, Brimstage Road
61. Dibbinview Grove Woodland, Poulton-Spital
62. Dibbins Green Woodland
63. Colmore Avenue Woodland, Poulton-Spital
64. Sealy Close Woodland, Poulton-Spital
65. Inley Close Woodland, Poulton-Spital
66. Weymoor Green and linear links, Poulton-Spital
67. Poulton Road open space, Poulton-Spital
68. Delves Avenue/ Donne Avenue open space, Poulton-Spital
69. Radford Avenue open space, Poulton-Spital
70. Brome Green, Poulton-Spital
71. Woodslea Park/Dibbinsdale
72. New Ferry Park
73. Bromborough Recreation Ground
74. Shorefields and Mayfields, New Ferry
75. Port Causeway play area
76. Onslow Park
77. Boundary Road bowling green, Port Sunlight
78. Windy Bank open space, Port Sunlight
79. Lodge Lane open space, Port Sunlight
80. Winser Street open space, Port Sunlight
81. Owen Street open space, Port Sunlight
82. The Ginnel, Port Sunlight
83. The Dell, Port Sunlight
84. Bolton Road bowling green, Port Sunlight
85. Church Drive open space, Port Sunlight
86. The Diamond, Port Sunlight
87. Bradmoor Recreation Ground and allotments
88. The Glen, Kinglass Road
89. Bromborough Road Woodland
90. Land north of Bromborough Road, Bromborough
91. Plymyard playing fields, east of Bridle Road, and Plymyard Cemetery
92. Plymyard playing fields, west of Bridle Road
93. Acre Lane playing fields
94. Allport Common
95. Eastham Rake play area
96. Heygarth Road open space
97. Kelsall Avenue open space and play area
98. Eastham Rake open space
99. Eastham Country Park extension
100. The Breck Recreation Ground
101. Urmson Road play area
102. Mosslands Drive open space, allotments and Wallacre playing fields
103. Burford Avenue Wood
104. Wallacre playground
105. Tower Grounds
106. Vale Park
107. Marine Park
108. Quarry Recreation Ground
109. Earlston Gardens and Wallasey Cemetery
110. St Georges Park
111. The Delph open space
112. Kings Parade, east of Portland Street
113. Kings Parade Recreation Ground
114. Kings Parade, east of Sea Road
115. Kings Parade, west of Sea Road
116. Kings Parade, east of Sandcliffe Road
117. Kings Parade, west of Sandcliffe Road
118. Kings Parade, north of the Minature Golf Course
119. Kings Parade Miniature Golf Course and Derby Pool Picnic Area
120. Harrison Park and Warren Park Golf Course
121. Elleray Park
122. Belvidere Recreation Ground
123. Cross Lane open space, including Wallasey RUFC, Ashville AFC and School Lane playing fields
124. Captains Pit
125. Flynn's Piece
126. St Hilary's Gardens
127. Folly Lane open space
128. Bayswater Gardens
129. Central Park
130. Rycroft playing fields
131. Oakdale Recreation Ground
132. Limekiln Lane Community Park
133. Citrine Park
134. North Seacombe Recreation Ground, Wallasey Town Hall gardens and frontage
135. Seacombe Ferry open space
136. Scottsfield walkway
137. Magazine Promenade plantations
138. Maddock Recreation Ground
139. Egremont Promenade open spaces
140. Sandon Promenade open space
141. Sandon Road Recreation Ground
142. Bridle Road play area
143. Luke Street play area
144. Whiteheath Park, Leasowe
145. Lombard Road/ Yew Tree Green open space, Moreton
146. Birket Avenue open space, Leasowe
147. The Stakes, Leasowe
148. Knutsford Green, Moreton
149. Pasture Road open space, Moreton
150. Lingham Park
151. Paulsfield Drive Woodland
152. Saughall Grange Recreation Ground
153. Berwick Close open space
154. Oak Close open space
155. Carr House Lane open space
156. Arrowe Brook linear park, Moreton
157. Upton Meadow and Arrowe Brook linear park, Brookdale Avenue
158. Arrowe Brook linear park, Girtrell Avenue
159. Arrowe Brook linear park, Whitelands Meadow
160. Arrowe Brook linear park, Sandpiper Close
161. Overchurch Park
162. Warwick Hey Park
163. Norwich Drive Woodlands
164. Weybourne Close Woodland
165. Saughall Massie Road Woods
166. Woodpecker Close open space
167. Headington Road Wood
168. Salacre Crescent Woods
169. Kingfisher Way open space
170. Nuffield Close Woodland
171. Wolferton Close open space
172. Grange Hill, West Kirby
173. Ashton Park and Wirral Country Park - Wirral Way
174. Queens Park, Meols
175. Meols Lower Green
176. Sandlea Park, West Kirby
177. Victoria Gardens, West Kirby
178. Carr Lane Recreation Ground, Hoylake
179. Roman Road open space, Meols
180. Dovepoint Common, Meols
181. Meols Parade Gardens
182. The Grove playground, Hoylake
183. Goose Green, Meols
184. Monkey Wood/ Shaws Drive open space, Meols
185. Meols Parade open space
186. Forest Road open space, Meols
187. Hoylake Promenade open space
188. Orrysdale Road open space, West Kirby
189. Barn Hey Crescent, Meols
190. Coronation Park, Greasby
191. Greenbank Community Park and Cemetery, West Kirby
192. Newton Common, West Kirby
193. Broadway open space, Greasby
194. Hambledon Drive open space, Greasby
195. Hazelwood, Greasby
196. Greasby Road open space
197. Circular Drive open space, Greasby
198. Bromsgrove Road open space and linear link, Greasby
199. Mere Park Road open space, Greasby
200. Thorns Drive Wood and linear links, Greasby
201. Thorns Drive linear open space, Greasby
202. Oakdale Drive open space, Greasby
203. Newbould Crescent open space, West Kirby
204. Grange Farm Crescent open space, West Kirby
205. Ridgewood Park, Pensby
206. Irby Recreation Ground
207. Caldy Hill
208. Coronation Gardens, West Kirby
209. Devonshire Road playing field, West Kirby
210. Heathbank Avenue open space, Irby
211. Whitfield Common
212. Poll Hill
213. Puddy Dale
214. Heswall Dales and land around the former Cleaver Hospital
215. The Beacons
216. Heswall Pinewoods
217. Dawstone Park
218. Telegraph Road open space
219. Hill House Grounds
220. Feather Lane Woodland

Reasoned justification :

8.15 Policy GRE1 provides for the protection of a network of accessible public open space throughout the Borough. While the nature of that protection is set out within Policy GR1, Proposal GR2 identifies the individual sites to which this protection will be applied. The boundaries of each site are shown on the Proposals Map.

8.16 The protection given to Proposal GR2 sites is based upon the role the site plays within the network of accessible public open space, its contribution to the visual amenity and character of the urban area, and its contribution towards meeting the standards for the provision of space outlined below Policy GRE1. The Proposal GR2 list, therefore, comprises those sites which are considered essential to protect in order to ensure that the network and supply of accessible public open space is not compromised.

8.17 While accessible public open spaces falling outside the urban area also form an essential part of the network, they are not included within the Proposal GR2 list because of the additional protection they derive from national Green Belt controls.