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CH2  Development Affecting Conservation Areas  Policy

Development located within, adjacent to, or otherwise affecting the setting or special character of a Conservation Area, will be permitted where the visual and operational impact of the proposals can be demonstrated to preserve or enhance:

(i) the distinctive characteristics of the Area, including important views into and out of the designated Area;

(ii) the general design and layout of the Area, including the relationship between its buildings, structures, trees and characteristic open spaces; and

(iii) the character and setting of period buildings and other elements which make a positive contribution to the appearance and special character of the Area.

When granting consent, special regard will be given to matters of detailed design, especially within main frontages and prominent elevations, and to the nature, quality and type of materials proposed to be used.

Reasoned justification :

11.6 Conservation Areas are identified and designated by the Local Planning Authority as areas which have special architectural or historic interest. Designation places the Local Planning Authority under a duty to formulate proposals for their preservation and enhancement and, in deciding planning applications, to pay special attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the Area. It also enables the Local Planning Authority to operate additional controls over demolition, permitted development, trees and other damaging alterations.

11.7 The primary means of securing the objectives of designation is, however, by guiding the form and location of new development. This should control damage or erosion to features which are recognised as giving the Area its special character and should provide for new development in order to enhance those areas which currently detract from its overall appearance. Policy CH2, therefore, identifies, in general terms, those aspects which are most likely to define or constitute "special character" and which the Local Planning Authority will normally be most concerned to preserve and enhance.

11.8 Policy CH2 also specifically extends planning control beyond the immediate boundary of the designated Area to include the "setting" of the Conservation Area. This will, in particular, be taken to include proposals within the immediate locality or street scene which form a part of important views into or out of the Area or which because of their nature or scale would have a direct effect on the character and environment of the designated zone.

11.9 The features of greatest significance within each individual Conservation Area are set out within Policies CH4 to CH23 below, and additional background information is contained within Supplementary Guidance Notes 18 to 37.