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SH6  Development Within Primarily Commercial Areas  Policy

Within the Primarily Commercial Areas shown on the Proposals Map, uses falling within Class A1, Class A2, Class A3, Class B1 and Class D1 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 will be permitted subject to the following criteria as appropriate:

(i) a proposal for Class B1 uses satisfies the criteria set out in Policy EM6 and Policy EM7;

(ii) a proposal for Class A1 uses, together with other recent or proposed retail development, does not undermine the vitality and viability of any Key Town Centre or Traditional Suburban Centre as a whole or other town centre outside the Borough boundary;

(iii) the proposal meets highway access and servicing requirements and includes off-street car parking in line with Policy TR9 and cycle parking in line with Policy TR12;

(iv) the siting, scale, design, choice of materials and landscaping is not detrimental to the character of the area;

(v) the proposal does not cause nuisance to neighbouring uses, or lead to loss of amenity, particularly in respect of noise and disturbance, on-street parking or delivery vehicles - where necessary, a suitable condition will be imposed on hours of opening/ operation;

(vi) where a proposal for Class A3 use is located on a street containing similar establishments, cumulative levels of noise and disturbance, from both the existing and proposed activities, should not exceed a level likely to be detrimental to the amenity of the area;

(vii) proposals for Class A3 uses should include measures to mitigate smell and internally-generated noise - these measures should not be visually intrusive in the street scene and should be fully installed before the business commences trading.

Reasoned justification :

16.33 Community, civic and other facilities along with small workshops are an important feature of many of the Borough’s shopping centres. As an important “attractor”, they make an important contribution to the diversity and viability of these centres. In a number of centres there are areas where these uses are concentrated. Most are likely to continue in their existing use throughout the duration of the UDP period. However, should opportunities for redevelopment occur within the areas defined on the Proposals Map, Policy SH6 confirms their suitability for retail, commercial and community uses, subject to the appropriate criteria now set out in the policy.