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CH16  West Kirby Old Village Conservation Area  Policy

In relation to West Kirby Old Village Conservation Area the principal planning objectives for the area will be to:

(i) preserve the remaining semi-rural, low density character of a former medieval hamlet in a woodland setting;

(ii) preserve the open aspect of remnant fields which originally surrounded the Village;

(iii) retain the scale and massing of buildings at the Village core, between 14-32, Village Road, and the open setting of The Ring O' Bells, The Rectory and St. Bridget's Church; and

(iv) retain unifying features, such as woodlands, tree groups, stone walls, and the character of narrow unmade paths.

Priority will be given to retaining the open setting of land and woodland to the east and west of Echo Lane and of open land to the east of Church Walk.

Reasoned justification :

11.49 The "old village" area of West Kirby was designated as a Conservation Area in September 1973. It incorporates the nucleus of the old medieval hamlet and includes many of the oldest buildings in West Kirby.

11.50 The character of the Area is primarily derived from its historic associations but is significantly enhanced by the design and setting of its major buildings, such as St. Bridget's Church and Rectory, unifying features such as red sandstone walls, woodland areas, narrow unmade paths and lanes, and by the open aspect of remnant fields which originally surrounded the Village.

11.51 The objective of Policy CH16, therefore, is to ensure that these distinctive features are preserved and that aspects of the Area which serve to indicate the original character of the Village are, wherever possible, enhanced and retained.