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EM2  Conway Park  Proposal

Approximately 6.8 hectares of land to the north of Birkenhead Town Centre between Conway Street and Price Street, as shown on the Proposals Map, is allocated for a mix of B1 (Business), A2 (Financial and Professional Services), A3 (Food and Drink), D1 (Non-Residential Institutions) and D2 (Assembly and Leisure) uses, as defined in the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987, subject to Policy EM6, Policy EM7, Policy EM9, Policy SH1 and Policy RE1.

Reasoned justification :

5.16 Conway Park is a major development opportunity within the Wirral "City Lands" City Challenge Initiative area and is central to the strategic objective of unifying and developing Birkenhead Town Centre. The mix of uses identified in Proposal EM2 are those considered most appropriate for a town centre location and which will most effectively secure the achievement of the above objective. A planning brief has been prepared which provides additional background information on the site and on the future pattern of development.