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CH23  Flaybrick Cemetery Conservation Area  Policy

In relation to Flaybrick Cemetery Conservation Area the principal planning objectives for the area will be to:

(i) retain the quiet character and landscape quality of the early Victorian cemetery;

(ii) preserve extensive views of Birkenhead and across the River Mersey to Liverpool;

(iii) retain unifying features, such as stone walls and railings, symmetrical composition and the gothic style of chapels and lodges; and

(iv) preserve the visual dominance and style of the main processional avenue.

New development within the main cemetery area will be restricted to small scale facilities required for visitors or for cemetery maintenance.

Reasoned justification :

11.68 Flaybrick Cemetery Conservation Area was designated in 1990. It represents a fine example of a formal Victorian cemetery and possesses considerable local significance, containing the graves of many people prominent in the early growth of Birkenhead. Developed over the period since 1864, it also commands fine views of Birkenhead and across the River Mersey to Liverpool.

11.69 The character and appearance of the Area primarily derives from the quality of landscaping, formality of design and from the topographical setting of the cemetery. Policy CH23, therefore, provides for these distinctive features of the cemetery to continue to be preserved, together with unifying features, such as the central, tree-lined processional avenue, the prominence and setting of the twin chapels and the sandstone perimeter wall with cast-iron coping railings.

11.70 Policy CH23 also restricts new development within the main cemetery area. The cemetery is not an appropriate location for new development other than that specifically required for its continued maintenance.