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POL1  Restrictions For Polluting And Hazardous Uses  Strategic Policy

The local planning authority will restrict potentially polluting or hazardous development to locations that will not compromise public safety; result in loss of amenity; or cause harm to the nature conservation interest, recreational value, tourist potential or landscape quality of wirral's countryside, coast or estuaries.

The introduction of new development or land-uses close to existing hazardous or polluting activities should not compromise public safety or the integrity or effectiveness of existing pollution or hazard controls.

Reasoned justification :

21.1 The location of potentially polluting or hazardous development can have serious implications for neighbouring land-uses. Uncontrolled, it can also have a detrimental impact on the future environment, on development prospects and on the overall image of Wirral as an attractive place to live and work. Policy POL1, therefore, provides the general strategic criteria which should govern the location and control of such development. In the context of the UDP, pollution can be regarded as the unwanted secondary effects of the development or use of land - the waste substances or surplus energy generated.

21.2 Public safety and the protection of the environment are undoubtedly of most concern to local people and these are identified within the Policy POL1 as the main objectives that are to be pursued. Policy POL1 also indicates the aspects of Wirral that are to be specifically protected. The importance of these aspects is reflected within other Sections of the UDP but are re-stated within Policy POL1 for the purpose of clarity