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CHO1  The Protection Of Heritage  Strategic Policy

In considering all development proposals the local planning authority will pay particular attention to the protection of:

(i) buildings, structures and other features of recognised architectural or historic importance;

(ii) historic areas of distinctive quality and character; and

(iii) important archaeological sites and monuments.

Proposals which would significantly prejudice these objectives will not be permitted.

Reasoned justification :

11.1 The need for new development must be seen alongside the high priority to be given to conserving Wirral's built and archaeological heritage and the need to protect areas of special environmental quality. Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and other archaeological sites all represent important landmarks throughout the Borough which directly contribute to the wider character of the area. They are worthy of special protection in their own right.

11.2 Such heritage is vulnerable to change. Once lost or altered it cannot be adequately replaced and it is important that the most valuable sites and structures are not needlessly or thoughtlessly destroyed. Policy CHO1, therefore, specifically provides for the best examples of Wirral's cultural heritage to be preserved and seeks to ensure that the case for preservation is fully considered when assessing all proposals for new development