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WAT1  Fluvial And Tidal Flooding  Strategic Policy

Planning permission will only be granted for new development which would not be at risk from fluvial or tidal flooding, or which would not increase these risks to other developments.

Reasoned justification :

19.1 Part of Wirral’s two main river catchments, the Birket and the Fender Valley, are at risk of flooding, particularly during times of high rainfall and high tide in the River Mersey. Whilst this is rare, the Environment Agency has completed the improvement of the defensive bunds around the lower reaches of the two rivers. These improved bunds will better protect large parts of Leasowe and north Moreton, but development will have to be constrained in areas between the bunds and the river channels to ensure that the defences retain their integrity. In addition, low-lying land in north Wirral is protected from tidal flooding by the Wallasey Embankment.