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TRT3  Transport And The Environment  Strategic Policy

In assessing the environmental impact of transport infrastructure and proposals, the local planning authority will pay particular attention to the following:

(i) main transport corridors;
(ii) the design of new highway schemes and highway improvement schemes;
(iii) reducing unnecessary traffic in environmentally sensitive or primarily residential areas;
(iv) parking and servicing arrangements;
(v) minimising vehicular - pedestrian conflict;
(vi) meeting the needs of cyclists;
(vii) securing access for disabled people;
(viii) minimising noise, visual impact and air pollution; and
(ix) minimising the need to travel.

Reasoned justification :

15.20 Whilst the Borough Council fully recognises the paramount need for an efficient transport system and infrastructure in order to achieve the overriding purpose of economic and urban regeneration, it recognises that in many cases these facilities can be environmentally intrusive, visually, in terms of sound generation, and in terms of pollution and energy efficiency.

15.21 Therefore, the Local Planning Authority, in assessing proposals with implications for transport infrastructure and facilities, will have particular regard to the considerations outlined in Policy TRT3. Further details of these considerations are outlined below, in Part Two policies and proposals.