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Location Township Date Last Visited/Cut
Pagewood Close Noctorum 16/10/2017
Palatine Road Bromborough 16/10/2017
Paltridge Way Pensby 10/10/2017
Park Road Heswall 04/10/2017
Park Road (Including Island) Meols 23/10/2017
Park Road West/Saint David Island Oxton 14/07/2017
Park Road West/St David Island Oxton 25/10/2017
Park Street Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Park View Bromborough 12/10/2017
Parkfield Avenue Birkenhead 26/10/2017
Parkfield Avenue, Adjacent to No 21 Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Parkfield Road Bebington 20/08/2017
Parklands Drive Heswall 02/10/2017
Parkside Road Bebington 04/10/2017
Parkway Irby 05/10/2017
Parkway Close Irby 05/10/2017
Parr Grove/Locker Park Frankby 18/10/2017
Pasture Avenue Moreton 10/10/2017
Pasture Crescent Moreton 10/10/2017
Pasture Road Moreton 09/10/2017
Pasture Road Bank Moreton 09/10/2017
Pasture Road/Knutsford Road Moreton 18/10/2017
Paton Close West Kirby 10/10/2017
Patten Street Birkenhead 03/10/2017
Paulsfield Moreton 12/10/2017
Paulsfield Drive Upton/Moreton 12/10/2017
Pearson Road Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Pemberton Road Woodchurch 10/10/2017
Pennine Road Island Tranmere 06/09/2017
Pensall Drive Pensby 10/10/2017
Pensby Road (Fishers-Florence) Pensby 12/10/2017
Pensby Road(Fishers Lane-Barnston Road) Pensby 12/10/2017
Peter Prices Lane Higher Bebington 27/09/2017
Phillips Way Heswall 23/10/2017
Pickmere Drive Eastham 02/10/2017
Picton Close Eastham 28/09/2017
Pikes Hey/Telegraph Road Caldy/West Kirby 12/10/2017
Pine Avenue Bebington 19/08/2017
Pine Road Heswall 04/10/2017
Pinewood Drive Heswall 04/10/2017
Pinfold Lane West Kirby 19/10/2017
Pipers Lane Heswall 02/10/2017
Plane Tree Road Higher Bebington 27/09/2017
Plantation Road Bromborough 19/09/2017
Plymyard Avenue Eastham 04/10/2017
Plymyard Avenue/Dearnford Avenue Eastham 04/10/2017
Pollit Square New Ferry 11/10/2017
Pool Lane Bromborough 24/10/2017
Pool Lane Upton 27/09/2017
Poolwood Road Woodchurch 05/10/2017
Poplar Farm Close Greasby 12/10/2017
Port Causeway Bromborough 25/10/2017
Portal Road Irby 18/10/2017
Portal Road Pensby 09/10/2017
Poulton Bridge Road Wallasey 09/10/2017
Poulton Road Spital 17/10/2017
Poulton Road Spital 19/10/2017
Poulton Road (Including Raised Panel) Wallasey 09/10/2017
Poulton Road/Alderley Road Corner Seacombe 26/09/2017
Poulton Royd Drive Spital 23/10/2017
Poulton Royd Drive To Donne Avenue Footpath Spital 23/10/2017
Poulton Royd Drive To Dutton Drive Footpath Spital 23/10/2017
Poulton Royd Drive To Finstall Road Footpath Spital 23/10/2017
Poulton Royd Drive To Gilbert Close Footpath Spital 19/10/2017
Poulton Royd Estate Main Footpath System Spital 23/10/2017
Power Road Bromborough 26/09/2017
Prenton Dell Road Prenton 28/09/2017
Prenton Hall Road Prenton 28/09/2017
Prenton Road East Tranmere 19/09/2017
Prenton Road West Tranmere 19/09/2017
Prenton Village Road Prenton 28/09/2017
Price Street Birkenhead 23/10/2017
Princes Avenue Eastham 05/10/2017
Princes Boulevard Higher Bebington 02/10/2017
Pulford Road Bebington 04/10/2017
Pulford Road/Heath Road Corner Bebington 20/10/2017
Pump Lane Greasby 05/10/2017
Pump Lane (Redrow Estate) Greasby 05/10/2017
Pump Lane Roundabout Frankby 18/10/2017
Pump Lane Roundabout Greasby 12/10/2017
Purbeck Drive Irby 09/10/2017