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Location Township Date Last Visited/Cut
Backford Road Pensby 12/06/2018
Baffin Close Leasowe
Ballantyne Drive Beechwood/Bidston 15/06/2018
Balls Road/Borough Road Birkenhead 23/05/2018
Banks Road West Kirby 18/06/2018
Banks Road Car Park Heswall 30/05/2018
Banning Close Birkenhead 07/06/2018
Barcombe Road Heswall 29/05/2018
Barker Lane (Mill Lane-Rigby Drive) Greasby 31/05/2018
Barker Lane Footpath Greasby 31/05/2018
Barker Lane Island Greasby 31/05/2018
Barker Lane/Mill Lane Footpath Greasby 31/05/2018
Barleyfield Pensby 13/06/2018
Barlow Avenue Car Park Bebington 24/05/2018
Barlow Road Car Park 05/06/2018
Barn Hey Crescent Island Meols 23/05/2018
Barnston Road (Gills Lane/Holmwood) Greasby 13/06/2018
Barnston Road (Gills Lane/Holmwood) Pensby/Thingwall 18/06/2018
Barnston Road (Gills Lane-Milner Road) Barnston/Thingwall 20/06/2018
Barnston Road (Station Road/Whitehouse Lane) Greasby 13/06/2018
Barnston Road(Arrowe Park Road-Holmwood) Pensby/Thingwall 20/06/2018
Barnston Road(Whitehouse Lane/Milner Road Island) Barnston/Thingwall 20/06/2018
Barnston Towers Heswall 20/06/2018
Barrymore Way Bromborough 30/05/2018
Barton Hey Drive/Millhey Road Caldy/West Kirby 15/06/2018
Barton Road Hoylake 18/06/2018
Baskervyle Close Heswall 04/06/2018
Bayswater Gardens Wallasey 24/05/2018
Bayswater Gardens, Land Adjacent 15/16 Wallasey 24/05/2018
Bayswater Road Wallasey 24/05/2018
Bayview Drive Wallasey 20/06/2018
Beacon Drive West Kirby 12/06/2018
Beaconsfield Close Birkenhead 26/04/2018
Beaconsfield Road New Ferry 31/05/2018
Beaconsfield Road Underpass New Ferry
Beaufort Road Corner Birkenhead 24/05/2018
Beaumaris Drive Thingwall 18/06/2018
Bebington Road Bebington 24/05/2018
Bebington Road Rock Ferry 11/06/2018
Bebington Road Raised Panels Bebington 04/06/2018
Bebington Road/Windsor Close Corner New Ferry 04/06/2018
Beckwith Street Birkenhead 07/06/2018
Beckwith Street East/St Annes Street Passage Birkenhead 07/06/2018
Beckwith Street/Duke Street Birkenhead 08/06/2018
Beckwith Street/Livingstone Street Corner Birkenhead 07/06/2018
Beckwith Street/Old Bidston Road Corner Birkenhead 08/06/2018
Beckwith Street/Saint Annes Grove Birkenhead 07/06/2018
Beckwith Street/Staint Annes Terrace Birkenhead 07/06/2018
Bedford Dr/Bebington Rd Island New Ferry
Bedford Drive Rock Ferry 11/06/2018
Bedford Drive Roundabout Rock Ferry 11/06/2018
Bedford Road Adjacent to No 95 New Ferry 29/05/2018
Bedford Road/New Chester Road Corner New Ferry 29/05/2018
Beech Avenue Irby 20/06/2018
Beech Road Heswall 06/06/2018
Beechway Bebington 04/06/2018
Beechwood Drive Bidston/Beechwood 30/05/2018
Beechwood Road Bromborough 24/05/2018
Belford Drive Moreton
Bellfield Crescent New Brighton
Bellfield Crescent New Brighton 18/06/2018
Bellford Drive Moreton 24/05/2018
Belmont Avenue Bromborough 29/05/2018
Belmont Avenue Garage Area Bromborough 29/05/2018
Belmont Drive Pensby 15/06/2018
Belmont Road Hoylake 18/06/2018
Belmont Road West Kirby
Belvidere Road Wallasey 19/06/2018
Bennets Lane Meols 19/06/2018
Bennetts Walk Irby 20/06/2018
Benson Close Upton 14/06/2018
Bentfield Gardens Higher Bebington 01/06/2018
Bentinck Street Estate Birkenhead 08/06/2018
Bentway Heswall 06/06/2018
Benty Close Higher Bebington 14/06/2018
Bermuda Road Adjacent to number 167 Moreton 11/06/2018
Bermuda Road Adjacent to number 96 Moreton 11/06/2018
Berrylands Road Moreton 06/06/2018
Berrylands Road Adjacent to number 97 Moreton 11/06/2018
Bertha Gardens Birkenhead 11/06/2018
Bertram Drive North Meols 14/06/2017
Bertram Drive North Meols 19/06/2018
Berwick Avenue Eastham 31/05/2018
Berwick Close Pos Moreton 07/06/2018
Berwyn Avenue Hoylake 15/06/2018
Berwyn Avenue Thingwall 18/06/2018
Berwyn Boulevard Higher Bebington 08/06/2018
Bettisfield Avenue Bromborough 18/06/2018
Beverley Drive Heswall 30/05/2018
Bickerton Avenue Higher Bebington 08/06/2018
Bidston By Pass Bidston 15/06/2018
Bidston By Pass Island Bidston 15/06/2018
Bidston Green Drive Beechwood/Bidston 15/06/2018
Bidston View Beechwood/Bidston 15/06/2018
Bidston View, Land Adjacent to Cycle Path Beechwood/Bidston 15/06/2018
Bidston Village Road Beechwood/Bidston 15/06/2018
Big Meadow Road Woodchurch 13/06/2018
Birch Road Meols 14/06/2017
Birchfield Moreton 30/05/2018
Birchway Heswall 29/05/2018
Birchwood Avenue Birkenhead 07/06/2018
Birkdale Avenue Bromborough 31/05/2018
Birkenhead Road Hoylake 15/06/2018
Birkenhead Road Seacombe 11/06/2018
Birkenhead Road (Goose Green) Meols 07/06/2018
Birkenhead Road (Heron Road-Carr Lane) Meols 05/06/2018
Birkenhead Road (Hoylake Road To Queens Park) Meols 19/06/2018
Birkenhead Road (Hoyle Road To Queens Park) Hoylake
Birket Avenue Leasowe 29/05/2018
Black Horse Hill West Kirby 12/06/2018
Blackheath Drive Leasowe 29/05/2018
Blackthorn Close Moreton 13/06/2018
Blakeley Brow Raby Mere
Blakeley Court Raby Mere 30/05/2018
Blakeley Road (Raby Hall Cottages To Bridge) Raby Mere 30/05/2018
Blundells Drive Moreton 18/06/2018
Blythe Road Bromborough 31/05/2018
Boathouse Lane Heswall 06/06/2018
Bolde Way Spital 07/06/2018
Bolton Road East Port Sunlight 04/06/2018
Border Road Heswall 06/06/2018
Borough Road Birkenhead 04/08/2015
Borough Road Birkenhead 23/05/2018
Borrowdale Road Bebington 05/06/2018
Boswell Road Prenton 24/05/2018
Boundary Lane Corner Heswall 06/06/2018
Boundary Road Birkenhead 12/06/2018
Boyd Close Leasowe
Bracken Drive West Kirby 12/06/2018
Bracken Lane Higher Bebington
Bracken Lane Higher Bebington 14/06/2018
Brackenside Island Pensby 13/06/2018
Brackenwood Road Higher Bebington 12/06/2018
Bradman Close/Arnside Rd/Grace Close Wallasey 11/06/2018
Bradman Road Sub-Station Moreton 13/06/2018
Bramble Way Moreton 06/06/2018
Bramblewood Close Noctorum 20/06/2018
Bramley Avenue Higher Bebington 23/05/2018
Brancote Gardens Bromborough 19/06/2018
Breckside Avenue Wallasey Village 13/06/2018
Brecon Road Tranmere 24/05/2018
Brecon Road Footpath Tranmere 23/05/2018
Briar Drive Heswall 06/06/2018
Briarfield Road Heswall 06/06/2018
Bridge Farm Close Woodchurch 04/06/2018
Bridgenorth Road Pensby 18/06/2018
Bridle Close Eastham 19/06/2018
Bridle Road Bromborough 19/06/2018
Bridle Road Wallasey 11/06/2018
Bridle Road 186 - 188 Bromborough 31/05/2018
Brighton Street Wallasey 15/06/2018
Brighton Street, Numbers 101-123 Wallasey 15/06/2018
Brighton Street, Numbers 105-113 Wallasey 15/06/2018
Brimstage Avenue Higher Bebington 03/08/2015
Brimstage Avenue Higher Bebington 11/06/2018
Brimstage Road Heswall 20/06/2018
Brimstage Road (Spital X Rds To M53 Junction) Spital 04/06/2018
Broadfield Avenue Beechwood/Bidston 15/06/2018
Broadfield Close Beechwood/Bidston 18/06/2018
Broadheath Avenue/Devisdale Grove Noctorum 20/06/2018
Broadmead and Island Heswall 20/06/2018
Broadway Higher Bebington 18/06/2018
Broadway Avenue Wallasey 19/06/2018
Broadway Car Park Higher Bebington 01/06/2018
Broadway Raised Panels Wallasey Village 13/06/2018
Broadway/Greasby Road Corner Greasby 04/06/2018
Broadway/Greenway Corner Greasby 04/06/2018
Bromborough Car Park Bromborough 30/05/2018
Bromborough Road Bromborough 04/06/2018
Bromborough Road, Opposite Quarry Road East Bebington 04/06/2018
Bromborough Village Road Bromborough 30/05/2018
Brome Way Spital 07/06/2018
Bromley Close Heswall 30/05/2018
Bromsgrove Road Greasby 05/06/2018
Bromsgrove/Stourport/Droitwich Footpath Greasby 05/06/2018
Brookdale Avenue North Greasby
Brookdale Avenue North/Brookdale Close Greasby 04/06/2018
Brookdale Avenue South Greasby 04/06/2018
Brookdale Close Greasby
Brookhurst Avenue Bromborough/Eastham 31/05/2018
Brookhurst Road Bromborough 31/05/2018
Brooklet Road Heswall 29/05/2018
Brookway Wallasey 19/06/2018
Broseley Avenue Bromborough 30/05/2018
Broster Avenue Moreton 24/05/2018
Brotherton Close Bromborough 24/05/2018
Brougham Avenue Birkenhead 05/06/2018
Brow Road Birkenhead 12/06/2018
Browning Road Wallasey 20/06/2018
Bruce Crescent Bromborough 31/05/2018
Brunstath Close Heswall 30/05/2018
Buckingham Avenue Higher Bebington 18/06/2018
Bude Close Beechwood/Bidston 18/06/2018
Buffs Lane Heswall
Buffs Lane Heswall 06/06/2018
Burden Road Adjacent to number 2 Moreton 07/06/2018
Burford Avenue Wallasey 13/06/2018
Burlingham Avenue West Kirby 18/06/2018
Burrell Road Tranmere 22/05/2018
Buxton Lane Wallasey 19/06/2018
Byron Close Prenton 24/05/2018