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Location Township Date Last Visited/Cut
Dale Avenue Bromborough 17/10/2017
Daneswell Drive Moreton 11/10/2017
Danger Lane Moreton 10/10/2017
Danger Lane/Daneswell Drive Corner Moreton 10/10/2017
Danger Lane/Yew Way Corner Moreton 10/10/2017
Darleydale Drive Eastham 03/10/2017
Darlington/Union Street Wallasey 10/10/2017
Davenham Avenue Oxton 17/10/2017
Davenham Close Oxton 17/10/2017
Davenport Road Heswall 02/10/2017
Dawlish Road Irby 09/10/2017
Dawpool Drive Bromborough 10/10/2017
Dawstone Road Heswall 19/10/2017
Deakin Street To Rear 2-22 Birkenhead 03/10/2017
Dee Park Close and Road Heswall 28/09/2017
Deepdale Close Beechwood/Bidston 10/10/2017
Deeside Close Beechwood/Bidston 10/10/2017
Delamere Avenue Eastham 02/10/2017
Delamere Avenue To Eastham Rake Footpath Eastham 02/10/2017
Delamere Close Bidston
Delamere Close Eastham 02/10/2017
Delavor Road Heswall 02/10/2017
Dell Grove New Ferry 09/10/2017
Delta Road West New Ferry 09/10/2017
Delves Avenue Spital 23/10/2017
Deneshey Road Meols 19/10/2017
Denning Drive Irby 09/10/2017
Denston Close Beechwood/Bidston 10/10/2017
Derby Road Birkenhead 20/09/2017
Derwent Road Higher Bebington 28/09/2017
Desmond Close Beechwood/Bidston 10/10/2017
Deverill Road Junction Higher Bebington 12/09/2017
Deverill Road Junction Rock Ferry 03/08/2015
Devon Drive Pensby 16/10/2017
Devonshire Close Birkenhead 05/10/2017
Devonshire Road Pensby 16/10/2017
Devonshire Road West Kirby 12/10/2017
Devonshire Road/Grosvenor Road Corner Birkenhead 05/10/2017
Dibbins Hey Spital 17/10/2017
Dibbins Hey (No. 54 To School) Spital 17/10/2017
Dibbins Hey To Spital Road Footpath Spital 17/10/2017
Dibbinsdale Road Bromborough 23/10/2017
Dickens Avenue Prenton 28/09/2017
Dingwall Drive Greasby 03/10/2017
Dock Road Wallasey 09/10/2017
Dock Road (Outside Of Hickman Road) Seacombe 25/09/2017
Dock Road North Port Sunlight 24/10/2017
Dock Road North Adjacent to No168 Port Sunlight 24/10/2017
Dock Road South Bromborough 25/10/2017
Does Meadow Road Bromborough 23/10/2017
Domville Drive Woodchurch 18/09/2017
Doncaster Drive Upton 25/09/2017
Donne Avenue Spital 23/10/2017
Donne Close Spital 23/10/2017
Dorset Drive Pensby 16/10/2017
Dorset Road Flats West Kirby 11/10/2017
Doulton Close Beechwood/Bidston 10/10/2017
Dovedale Avenue Eastham 03/10/2017
Dovepoint Road Meols 23/10/2017
Dover Close Birkenhead 02/10/2017
Downes Green Spital 17/10/2017
Downham Drive Heswall 19/10/2017
Downham Road North Heswall 04/10/2017
Drake Road Leasowe
Droitwich Avenue Greasby 18/10/2017
Drummond Road Hoylake 19/10/2017
Dryden Close Bidston
Dunster Grove Heswall 02/10/2017
Durley Drive Prenton 02/10/2017
Durley Drive (Pubic open space) Prenton 02/10/2017