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Location Township Date Last Visited/Cut
Gabriel Close Moreton 11/10/2017
Gainsborough Road Upton 25/09/2017
Galtres Park Higher Bebington 02/10/2017
Ganneys Meadow Road Woodchurch 12/10/2017
Garden Hey Road Moreton 27/09/2017
Gardenside Leasowe 09/10/2017
Garrick Road Prenton 28/09/2017
Garth Boulevard Higher Bebington 02/10/2017
Gayton Avenue Higher Bebington 19/09/2017
Gayton Lane Heswall 28/09/2017
Gayton Parkway Heswall 28/09/2017
Gayton Road Heswall 02/10/2017
Gaywood Close Beechwood/Bidston 09/10/2017
George Road Hoylake 13/10/2017
Gillbrook Square Birkenhead 03/10/2017
Gilwell Avenue Upton/Moreton 12/10/2017
Girtrell Road Saughall Massie 27/09/2017
Girtrell Road/Cowley Close Saughall Massie 27/09/2017
Glebe Hey Road Woodchurch 19/09/2017
Gleggside West Kirby 06/10/2017
Glen Park Road New Brighton
Glenburn Avenue Eastham 02/10/2017
Gleneagles Close Pensby 10/10/2017
Glenham Close Footpath Meols 12/10/2017
Glenmarsh Close Higher Bebington 23/10/2017
Glenwood Drive Irby 09/10/2017
Glenwood Drive Adjacent to No122 Irby 09/10/2017
Golf Links Road, Land Adjacent to No. 20 Prenton 18/10/2017
Goostrey Close Spital 20/10/2017
Gorsedale Park (Adjacent to No 19) Wallasey 09/10/2017
Gorsedale Road Seacombe 25/09/2017
Gorsefield Avenue Bromborough 04/10/2017
Gorsey Lane and Island Seacombe 25/09/2017
Gorseyville Road Higher Bebington 26/09/2017
Gotham Road To Dibbinsview Grove Spital 17/10/2017
Gotham Road To Dibbinsview Grove Footpath Spital 17/10/2017
Gourleys Lane Caldy/West Kirby 11/10/2017
Grafton Drive Upton 19/09/2017
Grammar School Lane West Kirby 13/10/2017
Grampian Way Eastham 03/10/2017
Grampian Way Moreton 12/10/2017
Granby Crescent Spital 17/10/2017
Grange Cross Close West Kirby 13/10/2017
Grange Cross Lane Caldy/West Kirby 11/10/2017
Grange Farm Crescent West Kirby 06/10/2017
Grange Farm Crescent Passage West Kirby 06/10/2017
Grange Road Pensby 12/10/2017
Grange Road Car Park/Wcp Entrance West Kirby 11/10/2017
Grange Road East Rear Of Post Office Birkenhead 04/08/2015
Grange Road East rear of post office Birkenhead 20/09/2017
Grange Road Opposite Gerard Road West Kirby 11/10/2017
Grange Road West/Grange Mount Corner Oxton 26/10/2017
Grange View Oxton 26/10/2017
Grant Road Leasowe
Grasswood Road Woodchurch 17/10/2017
Gratrix Road Bromborough 20/10/2017
Graylands Road Port Sunlight 24/10/2017
Greasby Road (Upton Bypass - Pump Lane Roundabout) Greasby 04/10/2017
Greasby Road Area By Library Greasby 12/10/2017
Green Lawn/Old Chester Road Birkenhead 20/09/2017
Greenacres Estate (Thorns Drive) Greasby 02/10/2017
Greenbank Road West Kirby 11/10/2017
Greenheath Way Leasowe 05/10/2017
Greenlea Close Bebington 04/10/2017
Greenleas Road Wallasey 03/10/2017
Greenville Close Bebington 20/10/2017
Greenville Close To Green Lane Footpath Bebington 20/10/2017
Greenway Bromborough 25/10/2017
Greenway Greasby 04/10/2017
Greenwood Lane/Serpentine Road Corner Wallasey 10/10/2017
Greenwood Road Meols 23/10/2017
Greenwood Road Woodchurch 19/10/2017
Grenville Road Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Grenville Way Birkenhead 28/09/2017
Gresford Estate West Kirby 11/10/2017
Greystoke Close Upton 22/09/2017
Griffiths Close Greasby 18/10/2017
Grove Avenue Heswall 18/10/2017
Grove Square New Ferry 09/10/2017
Grove Square Corner -(Numbers 28-29 Footpath To Bebington Road) New Ferry 09/10/2017
Grove Street Car Park New Ferry 23/10/2017
Guffits Close Meols 23/10/2017
Guffits Rake Meols 23/10/2017
Guildford Street Wallasey
Guilford Street Wallasey 27/09/2017
Gulls Way Heswall 02/10/2017
Gwendoline Close Thingwall 17/10/2017