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Use this form to report graffiti in Wirral. The Council removes:

  • Racist and offensive graffiti from most properties free of charge
  • Non offensive graffiti from most properties adjacent to the highway free of charge.
Residents of properties owned or managed by Registered Social Landlords, for example Magenta Homes, Leasowe Homes, Riverside, should report incidents of graffiti to their landlord.

What happens next?

  • Racist and offensive graffiti
    The Council’s contractor will visit the location within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) of receiving the report to remove the offending graffiti. If the graffiti cannot be removed every reasonable attempt will be made to obscure the offensive writing until complete removal can be arranged at a later date.

  • Non racist or offensive graffiti
    The Council will remove non-offensive graffiti visible from the road or council land within 15 working days.