Report a missing bin

You can use this form to tell us if your bin is missing, lost or stolen.
  • 40.00 per green (general waste) or brown (garden waste) bin.
  • Grey (recycling) bins are currently subsidised by the Council and are free of charge.
What happens next?
  • If it is your green bin - please bag your rubbish and put it out for collection at your usual collection point. Our contractor will be instructed to collect up to 5 bags, for one collection only.
  • If it is your grey bin - please store your recycling in a dry location, take it to your local tip or put it in your green wheelie bin.
  • If it is your brown bin - please store your garden waste in your garden. You will also need to request a new permit.
If your bin is still missing following your next scheduled collection, then you will need to purchase a new bin.