Repair or replace a damaged bin

You can use this form to request a repair to a wheelie bin or replacement wheelie bin because your current bin:
  • Needs to be replaced due to wear and tear
  • Has been damaged
Repairs or replacement parts are currently only available for broken wheels and broken lids.

You cannot use this form to:
  Green (general waste) and brown (garden waste) bins:
  • Where a bin can be repaired, for example the lid or wheels have fallen off or the lid has been broken, the Council offers a bin repair service for 11.00. Repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • If a green or brown bin cannot be repaired, for example because it is burnt out, or has a crack in the body, then a replacement will be necessary and the price for a new bin applies. The damaged bin will be removed free of charge.
  • The cost of a new green or brown bin is 40.00
  Grey (recycling) bins:
  • Grey recycling bins are currently subsidised by the Council to help residents recycle.
  • Where a repair is possible, this will be carried out free of charge and the repair will be guaranteed for 1 year.
  • If a repair is not possible, then the bin will be exchanged for a new bin free of charge.
  • If a repair is possible, but a new bin is requested, then the full price of 40.00 for a new bin will be charged.
What happens next?
  • If your bin is able to be repaired, we will aim to contact you within 15 working days following payment to carry out the repair.
  • Repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • If you are replacing a bin, please leave your old bin in an accessible place and it will be exchanged within 5 working days following payment.