Bulky Item Collection

Terms And Conditions

These are the key terms and conditions of the bulky item collection service.

  • Bulky Item (ERIC) Collections are for private residential properties within Wirral only.

  • Bookings are only taken for individual domestic properties. Houses containing multiple flats require an individual booking per flat.

  • Items for collection should be accessible to the collection crew and placed outside the property by 7am on the day of collection.

  • If you need to make a change to a collection you must contact us 24 hours before the scheduled collection date.

  • If an item is to be collected from an alley gated entryway it must be stated at the time of booking.

  • Anyone attempting to gain access to a property without the correct identification or without being prepared to show any identification will not be an operative representing Wirral Council. Therefore the council will not be liable for any loss/damage occurred during the removal of any items.

  • If disability or age restricts the movement of items, customers are required to request help from a family member, neighbour, friend where possible prior to collection.

  • Ensure all items, such as sofas or beds are covered. Items that are too wet may not be collected on the day due to the weight of the item.

  • The crew has the right to refuse collection of an item if they deem it hazardous to their health (e.g. infested or soiled) or heavy (e.g. rain soaked mattress).

  • Certain items will need to be dismantled, cut, taped, covered or stored correctly prior to collection (this will be shown when selecting the item).

  • All food must be removed from fridges and freezers prior to collection.

  • There is a limit on how much laminate or wooden flooring can be collected and an additional booking may be required if we cannot take it all on the day.

  • Dogs must be secured on the day of collection.

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